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Shortwave Receiver Book

In the process of doing some research on shortwave receivers I ran across this book, Shortwave Receivers Past and Present by Fred Osterman.

Shortwave Receivers Past and Present

Unlike most books, the current edition (4th) is not available on Amazon. You order it from Universal Radio or the ARRL. I read a good review on The SWLing Post and decided to order one.

Within the week the book arrived and the first thing that you notice is that this book weighs about as much as some of the radios that it describes. Weighing in at 6.2 pounds it’s a boat anchor in the world of books.

Radio descriptions

The second thing that you notice is that the book is really well made. In a world swimming in Perfect Binding it’s really nice to see and feel a well bound hardcover\case bound book. The book is 800 pages and is filled with information on shortwave receivers from 1942 to 2013.

There are 370 radio manufacturers presented in alphabetical order from Aerostream to Zenith. Only communications receivers are included. There is a picture of each radio and a nicely formatted description. For example, the Hallicrafters S-20R:

Hallicrafters S-20R

This is a very good book that has been interesting to graze through. Now that winter has officially set in, it is a great book to sit in front of the fireplace and take walk along memory lane on a cold winter day. If you like old radios (and some new ones) there probably is still time to get one of these under your Christmas tree as it is much too heavy for your stocking.