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Kenwood Time Machine

DSCN0194 (Small)

Set the time machine to 1979.  This is the Kenwood HC-10 World Clock.  Recall how much larger the world was then.  Time is an important component of an Amateur Radio station and this clock was built to measure it at a time when there was a lot more of it to go around.

Accurate to within +/- 10 seconds per month.  You can’t even buy accuracy like that anymore.  It displays time in 10 time zones including GMT and nine cities (Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Caracas, and Rio de Janeiro) plus two other cities of your choice.   It also provides for memorizing and recalling the start time of a QSO.

DSCN0196 (Small)

Even after all these years this clock is highly sought after by Amateur Radio operators.  I know that we have computers and smart phones that can present time in any number of different ways and to a much higher degree of accuracy but none are as cool as the HC-10.  It makes a great addition to a station, especially one in which the operator has a thing for Kenwood Hybrids.

The only other clock that is perhaps slightly cooler (because it’s analog) is the Yaesu QTR-24.  It’s about the same vintage as the HC-10 and just as highly sought after.

Here are some documents for the HC-10:

Instruction Manual