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Dentron antenna tuner family

Here’s my Dentron antenna tuner family:

Top to bottom are the Dentron JR Monitor, Super Tuner\160-10 AT Transmatch, and Super Tuner Plus.

I think I have enough antenna tuners to last me for quite some time.

Dentron Super Tuner Plus

Here’s my Dentron Super Tuner Plus:

The Super Tuner Plus adds a meter and an Antenna Selector switch to the Super Tuner. This tuner sees a lot of service and works very well. As is the pattern with these old Dentron tuners they get great reviews on eHam.



Dentron Super Tuner

Here’s my Dentron Super Tuner:

Another well constructed Dentron product that works very well and gets great reviews on eHam.

Some versions of the Super Tuner are labeled “160-10AT TRANSMATCH” and others are labeled “Super Tuner.” My understanding is that they are the same tuner. Dentron also made a Super Super Tuner which was labeled as such and was quite a bit larger than the Super Tuner. It was rated for 3kW as opposed to the 1kW rating of the Super Tuner.