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A Loud Silence

As Tim’s wife, I find myself having difficulty sleeping…again. I was looking something up on Amazon and noticed the heading Dave put on this tablet with Tim’s blog. It’s time to read his posts. I haven’t heard my husband’s voice in almost a year. Stem cell transplant did not go well and Tim passed away August 6th, 2019, which was 16 days before my birthday and 20 before our daughter’s birthday.

What an amazing man my husband was and I am so thankful that he journaled his thoughts on this blog. I got to hear his voice again tonight in his posts, his fun sense of humor,and his “commercials” with the wildlife in our yard & camping (and our house, with the goofy cats) interspersed among his entries.

Thank you for reading his posts, commenting and enjoying his passions with him.
Tim sincerely pursued a great many hobbies and he was generous and gracious in his sharing them with others. He lives on in these posts, which are a delight to read. I happened across the pictures he took of the “Squirrel Process Flow”,as he labeled it, complete with pictures and arrows. That is so Tim and utterly hilarious. Playing Pictionary was a hoot with his engineer mind. Tim lives on not only in his posts, but in the presence of our Savior. In Tim’s last moments of this earthly life we were gifted with confirmation of Tim’s profession of faith. Tim had entered a comatose state the last 2 days of his life. Our children Danielle and Ben, our mothers and I were at his bedside. His breathing was changing so we knew he wouldn’t be with us much longer. Tim opened his eyes, looked right at Ben, he smiled, pointed up, said look and was ushered into our Lord’s presence right before us. I miss this incredible man immensely. I’m so thankul that the Bible says I don’t have to say goodbye forever. Thank you Jesus for making the way clear so I can confidently say instead, “I will see you later sweetheart.” We have eternity together yet before us. If Tim has touched your life in any way, please honor his memory by considering the testimony of his life and his last moments. God bless. Dawn Boppre

Home again

After just short of eight weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN my wife I returned home this past Saturday. I was there for a stem cell transplant as the next step in treatment for my lymphoma. It was a very long process with a number of phases. There were elements of it that were very rough but I made it through and am on the road to recovery. I had a major reset on Monday involving the rescue squad and another hospital stay but am slowly inching back. I’m as exhausted as one can be but see small incremental improvements every day. It will be many many months of recovery. I’ve been keeping up on the world of Amateur Radio (and some photography) through John, AE5X’s blog and links. I’ve been off the air for quite some time now but as my stamina returns I’ll reconnect some antennas and get back on the air.