Merry Christmas

General productivity has been down a bit over the last couple of days as the cold\flu has descended on our home and so far has my older son and I. Just in time to affect our plans for today. We’ll see about tomorrow. Not much being done other than sitting on the sunporch watching the birds, err I mean the squirrels dine at the bird feeders, while reading or watching a few Christmas movies while Cat#3 loses his mind watching the show outside.

Squirrel feeders?

While the squirrels helped themselves at those feeders a number of different birds were busy at some others.

Christmas Eve birds

Including a couple of different species of woodpeckers (Downy and Red-Bellied), tons of Black-capped Chikadees and Dark-eyed Juncos. And a few Northern Cardinals.

Christmas Cardinal

Plus it has been lightly snowing all day so we’ll have a white Christmas.

The largest expenditure of energy thus far today was cooking a beef tenderloin. Actually, most of the work was done by my Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone grill. I recently purchased it to replace a 10 year old gas grill. It is a very nice grill. It actually represents the extent of my radio activities today as the PID controller has WiFi. How did we ever cook meat without being able to connect our grills to the Internet to monitor and control the cooking? <eye roll>  Even though our plans changed we decided to proceed with the meat portion of the meal. That was a very good plan.

Bon Appétit

Well it’s time to head outside and re-fill the feeders for another round of wildlife and then catch up on my napping.

I started on my BitX 40 this past week but haven’t made much progress. I’d like to get it on the air this week. We’ll see.

Merry Christmas to all. I’ve much to be thankful for including The Reason for the Season.


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