A day with a doublet

I have some vacation days this week coinciding with the Thanksgiving holiday so today was largely new doublet day. I spent a fair amount of the morning testing with my AA-55Zoom and then sorting out tuner settings on my Dentron Super Tuner Plus.

Unorthodox antenna chart

As illustrated by my somewhat unorthodox antenna chart, looking straight into the antenna through the Balun Designs 4115 balun, the SWR ranges from 1.37 to 7.5 from 10m through 80m and then jumps to 13-15 across 160m. All of the bands are well within reach of my Dentron Super Tuner Plus. With extremely few exceptions, the tuner brings the SWR down to less than 2:1 and in most cases down to 1.1-1.2 or less. On the 20m band I don’t even need to use a tuner and many of the bands are within reach of the tuner in my TS-590SG.

The first contact with the new antenna was Jeff, W9GY on 40m. I was able to do some A\B testing with my 4BTV and the new doublet. In this case the signal from the doublet was stronger. More contacts through the afternoon on 20m and 40m with some additional A\B testing further illustrates the fact that it’s nice to have options. I was able to make some of the first contacts I’ve had in quite sometime on 160m tonight with good signal reports even with 100W including  a nice QSO with Loren, W5HIO. In many instances the doublet was quieter than the vertical.

Thus far I am well pleased with this new antenna. As I said before, Brian, WB2JIX was very helpful and he builds a quality product. I’m glad that I was able to add this antenna to my station and I believe that it will serve me very well.


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