True Ladder 240 foot doublet install complete

With some help from my friend and fellow operator Josh, KD9DZP and no help from the weather I was able to complete the installation of my new True Ladder Line 240 foot doublet. It was 28 degrees F and windy. In other words great antenna weather. Thankfully there wasn’t a lot of outside work to complete. We largely had to mount the balun and then run the ladder line over to it.

I’m using a Balun Designs 4115. While the Balun Designs package is very hardy and should be fine in a Wisconsin winter, I placed it in a utility entry box that Josh had in his junk box. It might be belt and suspenders but it will be bearing the direct brunt of winter so it seemed like an easy bit of added insurance.

Feedline and balun

All buttoned up for winter

Once everything outside was closed up the last bit of work was to route the coax into the workshop for the run to the shack.

With the coax work complete I made a quick scan with my AA-55 Zoom:

Initial scan

This is the 240 foot antenna with approximately 50 feet of feedline.

I’ll have some time this week to do make some additional measurements and do some tuning. For now it’s time to continue thawing, have a bowl of chili, connect this thing to my Dentron Super Tuner Plus. and operate on 80m and 160m tonight.


2 responses to “True Ladder 240 foot doublet install complete

  1. Nice. I wish I had the space.

    • Thanks Andrew. Thus far I’m pleased with the results. I’m very thankful to have the space for it and a fair amount of trees to serve as supports.



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