WSPRlite on 40m

I completed the build of the low pass filter kit last night and a quick test on 40m indicates that it is working properly as indicated by a number of spots in North America and ZL1RS in New Zealand. The antenna I’m using for this test is my Hustler 4BTV with thirty 30 foot radials and the WSPRlite is set to 200mW.

WSPRlite on 40m

Current band conditions

The build isn’t difficult at all though you will get some practice winding toroids. The capacitors are very small, but thankfully not SMDs : ) , so as a nice touch for eyes that aren’t 20 anymore they package them so that old eyes can sort them out. Most of mine were on tape reels with some indication of the value by the number and\or color of lines on the reel material. One set was in a clearly labeled bag. There is a table in the build instructions to decipher the simple code for the lines. It’s a nice extra effort on the part of the SOTAbeam folks. With the capacitors, jumpers, and connectors in place the board is complete.

Low pass filter board

The three sets of filters line up across the board so configuration is as easy as moving the jumpers on the input and output headers to correspond to the filter set for the band on which you wish to operate.

As for an enclosure, given the nature of the board and the necessity to access the jumpers I think that I’ll just mount it on some standoffs and call it good. For now it’s comfortably WSPRing away sitting on my desk. The weather forecasters are predicting that the next two days are going to be mostly sunny and in the low to mid 70’s (23c) so the primary project for today is to get my CobraUltra Lite antenna back in the air. Then I can resume operations on 80m and 160m including some WSPRing.


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