W9SIZ’s new radio

After quite a bit of consideration my great uncle Paul, W9SIZ decided he wanted to get a new radio. When he first told me he was thinking about this my response was “Are you sure? You’ve been a Collins man nearly all of my life.” There isn’t a time that I don’t remember Collins equipment sitting on W9SIZ’s radio desk. We talked about it on and off for over a year and he made a final decision to buy a new rig.

With the decision made the next stop was Ham Radio Outlet to pick up his new radio. He wanted to get a Kenwood TS-590SG like the one that I purchased. He’d visited my station a few times and really liked the radio. Now he wanted one for his own. Dave and Paul at HRO Milwaukee completed the sale.

New radio for W9SIZ

New radio for W9SIZ

On the drive down to HRO I asked him when the last time was that he bought a new in the box radio. He told me that his last brand new radio was a Hallicrafters HT-17. He said that he bought it new but that it wasn’t in a box. He bought it from a man named Wendell who ran Central States Radio in Milwaukee. He purchased the radio from Wendell sometime after he returned from Europe after WWII. He also worked for Wendell for a bit after the war selling Hallicrafters, National, Hammarlund, and other brands. So it’s been roughly 70 years since he bought a brand new radio and this may be the first one that was new in a box.

Hallicrafters HT-17

Hallicrafters HT-17

Once we got it home the work of unboxing and setting up his new radio began.

W9SIZ unboxing the new rig

W9SIZ unboxing the new rig

After connecting the rig to his power supply (a vintage 12 VDC power supply from an old aircraft), his vintage National NC-125TS speaker, and his Vibroplex bug for a nice mix of old and new, the new 590SG came alive in the space on his desk previously occupied by his Collins equipment for many years.

W9SIZ and his new TS-590SG

W9SIZ and his new TS-590SG

Thus far he’s very happy with his new radio though change doesn’t come easy at 92. Every once and awhile I’ll get a call from him asking how to undo something that he did. Thankfully the TS-590SG has a lot of knobs and buttons on it so you don’t need to use the menu system much at all, but there are quite a few more knobs and button than on the KWM-2.

And yes he still uses his Hallicrafters SX-100 with the 50’s vintage homebrew CW transmitter below it. Some old habits aren’t worth breaking.


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