Antenna Update

We are rapidly approaching June and grass cutting season is in earnest here in Wisconsin. We are over 3 inches ahead on rainfall this year and while we’ve had below average temperatures for the most part the grass hasn’t noticed.

It’s only been 6 months since I completed laying the thirty 30 foot radials for my 4BTV and they have already largely disappeared into the grass.

Where are the radials?

November 2016

To be fair, we delayed cutting the grass in the area that contains the radials until yesterday in order to give the grass a nice growth run. My XYL cut the area without incident. No radials wrapped around the mower deck! To insure an event-free experience I used approximately 500 landscape staples. That’s about one staple every two feet for each of thirty radials. Maybe a wee bit of overkill but worth it in the face of pulling the mower deck to undo tightly wound radials.

The last thing that I added to the 4BTV late in the fall was DX Engineering’s reinforced lower tube. It was extraordinarily windy late last fall and I don’t have any guys on the 4BTV. Additionally, it is located in an area of the yard that directly faces the prevailing winds with a long unimpeded run across a large farm field so it takes the brunt of the wind. The base tube withstood a lot and in all likelihood would have been fine but I didn’t want to be out there changing a bent antenna tube in January so the reinforced lower tube was cheap insurance.

The K9AY worked very well this past winter and there were no issues with winter winds. It is now in the folded position for yard and garden season.

K9AY Folded

It neatly folds up into a space of maybe two square feet providing plenty of room for my lovely XYL and her antenna killing machines to drive about in pursuit of all manner of lawn and garden care.

XYL and new antenna mangler

The lawn tractor was enough of an antenna menace. Now she has a Honda Rancher with which to inflict damage to my ground mounted antennas! Tomorrow is our 29th Wedding Anniversary so she’s a keeper. We’ll see about the ATV. : )




2 responses to “Antenna Update

  1. Congratulations Tim on the 29th anniversary, despite being a radio amateur you must be doing something right. 🙂

    Good report on the 4BTV too.

    73 Andrew VK1AD

    • Thanks Andrew. She’s a wonderful XYL. She loves taking care of the yard and gardens and tolerates my small antenna farm disrupting her patterns of yard care. One might say that she was the “inspiration” for the folding K9AY. : ) 73, Tim KA9EAK

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