Flint Hills Radio Rig Walker

Flint Hills Radio is a small manufacturer of some relatively unique and very useful products for Amateur Radio mostly having to do with DC power. The company is run by Jim, KI0BK from its location in Kansas.

A few years ago I was doing some research on portable solar and found Jim’s Solar Battery Charge Controller device. It was exactly what I wanted for a future portable solar project but at the time I didn’t have a portable station so I just saved the link. Since that time I now have a portable station and adding portable solar to it was now high on the list. I returned to the Flint Hills Radio site to check on the Solar Battery Charge Controller and while reading the information on Jim’s site I noticed an intro blurb for a new product, the Rig Walker. The Rig Walker is a six port power distribution product using Anderson Powerpoles. Perfect! I’ve been looking for a device like this for my QRP station as I have some other devices that need 12V and I like to use them when I have a larger battery available.

I sent Jim an email asking when he expected to have the Rig Walker available for sale. He quickly responded that he was working on them and had some prototypes available. I was able to obtain one from Jim and have been very pleased with it.

Flint Hills Radio Rig Walker

Flint Hills Radio Rig Walker

If you are familiar with other Flint Hills Radio products they are very well-made and packaged in very nice Hammond enclosures. The Rig Walker follows this pattern. It has a pair of Anderson Powerpoles for the input and then six sets of Powerpole pairs for the output. The set of outputs is protected by a single fuse and includes a blown fuse indicator. The device is rated for 25 amps which is more than enough for my needs. In my use thus far it has served its purpose quite well. I really appreciate the opportunity to get a prototype. This is a very nice piece of equipment to add to your station and I’m certain that Jim will sell a bunch of them.

And yes, I do own Jim’s Solar Battery Charge Controller as well.  It’s another great product from Flint Hills Radio about which I’ll write more in a future post.


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