NPOTA #1millionqsos

I’m not much of a hashtagger, probably too old, but I’ve seen this one around regarding the rapid approach of 1,000,000 QSOs for the NPOTA event and it seemed appropriate to use it for the title of this post. As of this morning the total count stands at 970,510. With 21 days left in the year it would seem that we should be able to make and even break 1,000,000 QSOs. That seems like an amazing feat to me given that interest was maintained and arguably has grown over the course of this year long event, most every activation was a portable\mobile station, there are only 484 locations to activate, not all of them convenient to access, and finally the variability of band conditions and the weather over the course of a year of changing seasons.

I started to jot down the QSO total in the past several weeks in order to watch the trend.

Date QSO
11/22/2016 879762
11/25/2016 891449
12/4/2016 942605
12/5/2016 948784
12/6/2016 953198
12/8/2016 961819
12/10/2016 970510

Given this run rate I would estimate that we’ll hit 1,000.000 around 12/15 or 12/16 if the current QSO rate is sustained.

My total stands at 233 worked and 9 activations. Given the time available to operate and band conditions I’ve not worked a new one in a few weeks. I have been working old ones in order to ensure activators get credit for the activation. Though I’ve visited a fair number of National Parks and other sites, sadly I’ve only visited 23 of the 233 units that I’ve worked. Clearly I’ve got some improvement to make in this regard in the coming years. Good thing I have a camper. : )

Just for comparison I looked at the results for 2106 Field Day. Over the course of Field Day 579,217 QSOs were logged. Given that number over a much shorter period of time maybe NPOTA should have broke 1 million a while ago and we should be looking at breaking 10 million. Who knows. Frankly it’s never been about the numbers. Though it is sort of fun to track, it’s been a lot more enjoyable making contacts with people, some many times, almost to the point of being on a first name basis, as all of these great locations across our country have been activated. It’s been fun to recall past visits to these parks and monuments and think about future visits to some of the new ones that I’ve learned about along the way.

Here’s to a Million QSOs!

Update 12/15/16 – 994,987

Update: 12/16/16 – 1,002,144

My totals were 243 units worked and 9 activations on my own.


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