K9AY Complete

Today I finished running the cables for the K9AY down to my shack so my station is now fully operational with a receive only antenna.


K9AY antenna

K9AY wire highlight

K9AY antenna wires highlighted

The yellow dashed lines highlight the Northeast\Southwest loop and the red dashed lines highlight the Northwest\Southeast loop.

K9AY base detail

K9AY base detail

Operator actual size

Operator actual size

In the spring I’ll spray paint the arms some combination of brown and green so that they blend in better as opposed to the lovely gray that they are now. The arms are the only part that you can see from the house. Once they are painted the antenna will be reasonably stealthy, to the degree that an antenna comprising a 24 foot pole with two loops of 85 feet of wire supported by four 16 foot arms over a circular area 30 feet in diameter can be called stealthy.

You know what I’m going to be doing all winter.


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