4-BTV complete

It has been unseasonably warm here for November and it finally stopped raining so I’ve been able to make good progress on getting my antenna projects completed before winter sets in which may well be tomorrow. After a high of 64 today we’ll only make it to 34 tomorrow and stay in the mid-30’s to low 40’s for the coming week including a chance of snow tonight through tomorrow morning.

My Hustler 4-BTV is now complete. I used the DX Engineering radial plate and their Tilt Base mount as well.

4-BTV mount

4-BTV mount

The DX Engineering parts are very well made they definitely enhance the installation of the 4\5\6-BTV antennas from Hustler.

Common mode choke

Common mode choke

The antenna is fed with Belden 8267 and I formed a common mode choke at the base with a length of the feedline. This resolved the problem of some RF coming back into my shack as evidenced by the video of one of my monitors modulating with my transmission.

Even though the DX Engineering radial plate is drilled for 60 radials I went with thirty 30 foot radials for now. They all are stapled in for winter, ready to blend into the grass come spring.



I continue to be very pleased with this antenna. For my needs it provides very good results for the money.

UPDATE: Saturday morning (11/19/16):

The weatherman was correct:

First Snow

First Snow

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