Radio Dust Covers review

In today’s mail I received the covers that I ordered from Stan, W6ON of and they are perfect!

New covers

New covers

They both are his elite version. The 590SG is a standard cover that he produces and the cover for the VibroCube is a custom version. Did I have to cover the VibroCube? Maybe not but it wasn’t that much for a custom cover for it and it looks nice with the rig cover. Total time from order to delivery was 7 days. That’s fast considering that every cover is handmade to order and one of mine was custom. Yes, I spent the extra money for my callsign. When you’re going this far what’s another few inches.

The outside of the elite covers is very nice nylon and the inside is a medium weight felt material. The rear portion of the cover is left unattached to the sides  so you can leave cables connected as you see fit or even fold it under and slide it over a rig that is in a shelf.

Elite cover rear flap

Elite cover rear flap

Like many, my shack is in the basement as is my woodshop. Though I have half-decent dust collection and air handling, dust from woodworking still finds its way to the shack. The new radio is too nice to slowly get covered in layers of dust so a cover was in order. I considered a homemade version and some other commercial versions but then ran across these covers while perusing the web. Most all of my other radios have built-in dust covers by virtue of the fact they that they are in racks\shelfs with other stuff including radios on top of them. Not so with the new Kenwood. Nothing is stacked on top the 590SG. I like it at my right hand and since I’ve added a boom mic (Shure SM-58 that was laying around looking for something to do from past music endeavors) my right hand is now free to run the radio while my foot keys the mic which is supported by a Heil HB-1 boom.

If you are in the market for a very well-made cover that is as nice as the equipment it protects I highly recommend contacting Stan. His workmanship is superb and his customer service is excellent.


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