Rawley Point Lighthouse activation – USA 689

Rawley Point Lighthouse is one of the tallest and brightest lighthouses on Lake Michigan. It is located right at the southern end of Point Beach State Forest which is our favorite campground. With the NPOTA event this year I’ve typically been doing activations of TR05 from the park but on our most recent trip I decided to do a lighthouse activation as well. The lighthouse is USA 689.

Rawley Point Lighthouse

Rawley Point Lighthouse

The lighthouse is an active Coast Guard station so you cannot go on the grounds but being a lighthouse and a rather large one at that, you can clearly see it from the beach that is part of the Point Beach park area. I setup my station just above the beach at the end of the boardwalk trail that leads from the parking lot to the beach.

Portable station @ the beach

Portable station @ the beach

I used my Alpha Antenna Alpha DX Sr antenna on 20m with good signal reports all along the east coast and into the south and as far west as stations in Utah and California. The Alpha Antenna works quite well for situations such as this where there aren’t any trees around in which to hang a wire antenna.

The view to Lake Michigan

The view to Lake Michigan

With the wind howling quite loudly and the surf rolling I was able to make 15 contacts on 20m in an hour which was the time that I had before I needed to return to camp to start packing up the camper to return home.

Rawley Point activation

Rawley Point activation

Portable station

Portable station – TS-480SAT

With 74 lighthouses in Wisconsin it’s entirely likely that there will be more lighthouse activations in my future.


2 responses to “Rawley Point Lighthouse activation – USA 689

  1. Nice set up Tim. Fantastic photos of the Rawley Point Lighthouse and the nearby scenery. You could make a great QSL card with the pics. Did you activate the lighthouse for the ILLW activity or was this lighthouse activation a one-off?
    Thanks for sharing, well done on a terrific report.
    73 Andrew VK1AD

    • Unfortunately no, it was not part of the ILLW activity as it was just this past Wednesday, 8/31. I was in Switzerland for work and missed the ILLW event. Some friends and fellow operators activated Kevich Light, USA 1066 but I was unable to join them. I’ll activate Rawley Point periodically as we camp at the state forest there quite often. And yes, I’ve got some ideas for a QSL card update to include some portable operations and Rawley Point light as it is a particularly nice one. 73, Tim KA9EAK

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