Want to slow time? Use the QSL bureau!

One of the last remaining ways in which one can slow time is to use a QSL bureau. I love it when I get home from work and there is an envelope from NIDXA, my incoming QSL bureau. Here’s what arrived earlier this week:

ARRL Centennial QSL cards

ARRL Centennial QSL cards

The cards were from November and December of 2014. Perhaps not as exciting as some rarish DX station but nice nonetheless to get a card for a past contact. I don’t get these envelopes too often, maybe 3-4 times a year. Typically the cards are from contacts well over a year and in many cases well over 2 years past. It’s always nice to remember a contact from the past and in this fast-paced world it’s nice to know that something still moves slowly.

Each call area has an incoming QSL bureau, the Ninth Call Area bureau is run by the Northern Illinois DX Association. While I periodically fund my account at the incoming bureau, I’ve never used the outgoing bureau. I may try the outgoing for my next batch of DX cards just for the fun of seeing how long it takes to get a card back via the incoming bureau. I realize that there are a number of on-line confirmation systems including LoTW however I like to receive physical QSL cards. They are a longstanding tradition of our hobby. LoTW has its purpose but it can’t replace the feeling of walking out to the road to get the mail, seeing an envelope from NIDXA and opening it to find a handful of QSL cards from contacts you made several years ago.

If you want to slow time, use your QSL bureau!


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