Hustler 4-BTV – Initial measurements

Here are some initial measurements for the temporary installation of the 4-BTV. These measurements were made at my station (100 feet of RG-8X connected to the antenna which was connected to approximately 50 feet of RG-8U that leads in from a workshop to the station location.) The antenna was set at the starting dimensions stated in the assembly manual and is on a temporary vertical mount with sixteen 30 foot radials in a wide open space at least 50-70 feet away from any structures.

10m band

Frequency SWR
28.000 1.1
28.300 1.3
28.800 1.4
29.300 1.4
29.700 1.4
10m SWR

10m SWR

15m band

Frequency SWR
21.000 1.1
21.200 1.3
21.300 1.4
21.450 1.6
15m SWR

15m SWR

20m band

Frequency SWR
14.000 1.3
14.150 1.4
14.250 1.5
14.350 1.6
20m SWR

20m SWR

40m band

Frequency SWR
7.000 2.4
7.125 1.8
7.225 1.6
7.300 1.8
40m SWR

40m SWR

Obviously some tuning is in order, at least on the 40m band but for a temporary mount and sixteen radials it seems to be performing well.

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