ARRL June VHF Contest

For the first time I had a functioning 6m station for the ARRL VHF contest. I used the Par Electronics Omni in its temporary location and my Kenwood TS-480SAT.

The contest started at 1800 UTC Saturday 11 June. I was a bit late for the start getting my first contact, W9GA in EN53 at 18:55 UTC. This was followed by three more stations in Wisconsin and then the band opened up for me and I could here more stations. For awhile after that I was getting a new station about every five minutes, scanning the SSB portion of the band. All my signal reports were good.

My XYL arrived home from work and wanted to go for dinner at our favorite BBQ place, Altas BBQ. Talk about the horns of a dilemma…XYL and Atlas BBQ…VHF contest…XYL and Atlas BBQ…VHF contest…hmm, what should I do? Actually it wasn’t that hard even though I am enjoying 6 meters. So after an excellent Cuban sandwich (I heard it’s good for propagation) I returned to the contest and had 26 contacts when I pulled the hook at 0259 UTC.

Extents of contacts

Most distant contacts

I had a wee bit of time to grab a few more stations on Sunday morning. In the end I contacted 33 stations including my first DX station, VE1PZ in Nova Scotia. This brings my grid total to 29 and 14 states on 6m. I really like 6m operation. The dynamics of the band are very interesting in a way that is much different from that of the HF bands. I guess that’s why it’s called the magic band. I’ll be watching for more openings and hope for a big opening to Europe.

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