More Par to ya

Briscoe Darling couldn’t have said it better. Based upon my experience with the Par Electronics Stressed Moxon I decided to get more Par…Par Electronics that is. The Moxon was intended for my portable station but I also wanted a fixed 6m antenna. So the obvious solution was to get another antenna! As with the Par Moxon, I’ve wanted one of Par’s Omni’s for quite awhile as well. Since I bought the Moxon used and saved a fair amount of money over the price of a new one I figured that buying a new Omni would save even more, at least that’s what I told my XYL. Besides, it works for her, “Look honey, if I spent over $100 then they gave me an additional X% off so I saved $Y.” You have to spend more to save more, isn’t that how it works?

In any event, I sent Par Electronics an email inquiring about the price and shipping for an OA-50. I received a very prompt reply (I sent my message at 8:51 PM on a Tuesday night and got a reply 22 minutes later) from the owner, Dale Parfitt with all the information I asked for plus more including the fact that they were about 3 days behind on orders and working 80+ hours a week to keep up. I guess that’s a good problem to have if you are a small business. I was in no hurry as long as I had an order in the queue. I figured that I’d see it in a couple of weeks. Based upon the eHam reviews it was definitely going to be worth the wait.

Six days later Brown Santa dropped off a package:

What's in the box?

What’s in the box?

Opening revealed the brand new OA-50:



A quick inspection showed everything intact even though the box was a bit roughed up. The quality of all the parts is the typical top notch that you’d expect from Par Electronics:

OA-50 parts

OA-50 parts

One odd part was this:

Has Par nailed it?

Has Par nailed it?

Yes, it’s a nail. What’s a nail have to do with a 6m antenna you ask. A quick scan of the instructions revealed that they include it to dimple the radiator tubes onto the tip assembly for fixed operation. Nice touch.

OA-50 assembled

OA-50 assembled

A few minutes later and I have a new OA-50 waiting to be tested. Too bad it’s dark, cold, and raining right now. Dark and cold would be okay, almost normal antenna deployment weather. Rain, not so much.

Now that I have one Omni, wouldn’t two be better? They do make stacking kits. Stay tuned for more!


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