Tarheel II antenna

Thus far I am really pleased with my Little Tarheel II antenna. It performs well for my mobile station. I recently purchased the 54″ whip for it so I have both 32″ and 54″ whips.

Today was the first day in which the weather was finally nice enough to do some testing across multiple bands. I’ve mainly been operating on 20M and a wee bit on 40M.

On 20M with the 54″ whip the antenna appears to be largely flat across the phone portion of the band. The SWR is around 1:1.1 and barely moves from 14.150 to 14.350. The tuned position on 20M looks like this:

20M setting

20M setting

On 40M with the 54″ whip it’s nowhere near a broad banded. Setting the SWR at the center of the 40M phone band (approx. 7.212) the SWR moves to 10:1 at 7.125 and at 7.298. The good news is that it only takes a minor tweak to tune the antenna. From band end to band end the antenna only moves about 3/16″. The tuned position on 40M looks like this:

40M tune

40M setting

On 10M from 28.300 through 29.7 it does pretty well with much less of an SWR swing than on 40M. To go from 1:1.4 at 28.300 to the same SWR at 29.700 is one blip of the antenna motor switch up or down depending upon which direction you are going on the band. How much is a blip? Literally just a momentary click of the switch is all it takes to move from one end of the band to the other. The tuned position on 10M looks like this:

10M Tune

10M Setting

On 6M I was unable to obtain an SWR less than 3:1 with the 54″ whip. I switched to the 32″ whip and was able to easily cover the SSB portions of the band without moving the antenna much if at all.

I’m pleased with these results and an starting to get a reasonable feel for tuning the antenna for optimal operation.

I’ve added the Tarheel quick disconnects to ease changing the whips. They are very nice and quite substantial. They are well worth the price.

Tarheel Quick Disconnects

Tarheel Quick Disconnects


One response to “Tarheel II antenna

  1. I have a good friend in Canberra (VK1) who installed the Tarheel on the front bull-bar of his 4WD Hilux. I have been in the car when he worked Europe DX on 20m. The antenna speaks for itself, I will consider the Tarheel antenna for my next car. 😀

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