ICOM IC-718 CAT control

I’ve had a slight interest in using CAT control with my 718.  Past research from a number of years ago had shown that you needed an ICOM IC-CT17 Communications Interface to accomplish this task.  The problem is that they hover around $140-$150.  I decided that I didn’t need CAT interface that badly.

My interest in CAT control has been re-ignited with my recent foray into digital modes.  A bit of renewed research resulted in the purchase of a CT-17 USB FTDI Chipset CI-V Cat Control Programming Cable from Valley Enterprises.  The price was significantly less than the ICOM CT-17 and it’s USB.

Order processing and shipping was fast and efficient.  The cable arrived in just a few days.  I plugged it in, the USB device was recognized, and Windows 7 found the correct driver for it.  I plugged it into my radio, downloaded DXLab Commander, set the Primary CAT Serial Port to 5 and the software instantly started working.

Nice piece of hardware, nice piece of simple software, and now I have CAT control for my 718!


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