Vibroplex Vibrocube

Words alone cannot describe the Vibroplex Vibrocube.  You need a picture and a scale:

Vibroplex Vibrocube

Vibroplex Vibrocube

Yes, it weighs 5 pounds and 11.3 ounces.

Did I really “need” a Vibrocube?  Of course not.  I’ve long sailed from the area of “needing” any more keys.  This was purely a want.  This key was introduced several years ago and caught my attention immediately.  I have a few other Vibroplex keys but this one was so unique I had to have one.  The trouble is that the cost versus necessity ratio was a very large mismatch so I didn’t buy one.  I would periodically check eBay,, EHam, and in the hope of finding a used one at some point.  One day recently a used one in perfect condition at the right price appeared and I could no longer resist.  The Vibrocube is easily the coolest member of my modest stable of keys.




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