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Squirrel Feeder

Squirrel Feeder

It chewed a hole through the lid of the bird seed bucket after someone left it out overnight.

Dominic’s Truck

Just when you thought he was done:



He bought some a used set of mud tires and wheels.  Now with the lift and these tires Dawn will need a ladder to get in and out of it.

And his first day of mudding with his friends:


Grandpa on the Indian

I recently obtained this picture of my Grandpa on an Indian motorcycle that he had back in the early 1930’s.

Grandpa with sisters Irene and Mabel


Demolition Car

Dominic and his friend Ryan built a demolition car this summer. It was a ’92 Pontiac Bonneville that still ran good but had lots of other issues.  So it was turned into a demolition car for the county fair.  They worked on it for a couple of months stripping out most all of the interior, moving the batteries, installing an alternate gas tank, and lots of other modifications.

Dominic and Ryan



Ryan drove the car in the demo derby and did OK without any injuries though the car was finished.  They sold it to a scrap dealer after the race.

Here’s the car after the race:

Rockerbox 2012

The boys and I went to Rockerbox today.  It was simply amazing.  Four city blocks of very cool motorcycles.


There were a lot of very nice bikes there.  One of my favorites was this little Yamaha.  It was amazingly clean and the paint was perfect.


More pictures here.