W9SIZ and W9KKX sometime in the early 80’s

Here are two photos of my Uncles Bob (W9KKX/SK) and Paul (W9SIZ) at Uncle Bob’s station in North Carolina.

Uncle Bob and Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul and Uncle Bob

Note the Kenwood TS-520 station with external VFO and speaker.  Uncle Bob’s station was my first exposure to the Kenwood hybrids and it left a lasting impression.   Also note the IBM PC.  Uncle Bob loved to operate RTTY and ASCII.  At his station in Milwaukee he had an old Model 15 teletype machine that he used in the pre-PC days to operate RTTY.  He also had a Commodore Pet that he used for ASCII.

For you RTTY fans out there here’s an interesting site on RTTY with “Real Machines.”

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