First Station

I recently came across a photo of my first Amateur Radio station.  (This was obviously taken in the pre-digital camera era.)  My guess is that this picture was taken in the Fall of 1979.

First Station

At that time my station consisted of the following:

On the top shelf from the left:  Halicrafters S-20R

On the next shelf from the left: Kenwood TR-2200A and its Radio Shack power supply, rotator control for a CDE Ham IV rotator (which rotated a KLM 13 element long boom 2m antenna), a Kenwood TR-7600 and matching power supply.

On the desk: Swan 350 with matching power supply, Heathkit HD-1416 Code Oscillator (wired into the Swan), Heathkit SA-2040 Antenna Tuner.


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