If you live in Wisconsin you almost certainly “need” a snowmobile.  And once you have one at some point everyone “needs” one.  Dominic started the trend a few years ago with a 1990 Arctic Cat Pantera.  He found it on Craigslist and we drove to Central Wisconsin to pick it up.  It’s a liquid-cooled 440 with reverse.  It’s a nice sled and plenty fast for him.

Dominic and his sled

Dominic and his sled, 1990 Pantera

Once Dominic had a sled it was only a matter of time before Ben and I would have one.  I particularly like Arctic Cat sleds, especially the sleds of the ’70’s.  I didn’t have sleds growing up but many of the people that I knew growing up that did have sleds had Arctic Cats.  I like the styling of the ’70’s sleds the best.  I realize that newer sleds have nicer features, like actual suspensions, but there is something cool about a ’70’s Arctic Cat.  After watching Craigslist for awhile a came across a great deal on two Arctic Cat Jags, a 1978 and a 1979.  They were being sold as a pair.  We drove to Northern Wisconsin to get them.  They were both in great condition with just over 2000 miles each.  The guy that I bought them from bought them from and older gentleman that had them in storage for a long time.  They weren’t used much at all.  We loaded them onto the trailer and brought them home.

Ben's 1979 Jag

Ben’s 1979 Jag


My 1978 Jag

The Jag’s are both 340 Free Air versions.  They are both a lot of run to ride.  They could use a bit more suspension but for our needs they more than fill the bill.


Sleds with the very first snowfall


Ben, me, and Dominic


Riding around in the first bit of snow


Danielle riding my sled


Danielle and Ben riding the Jags


Sleds in July!

And yes, they are a lot of fun on the grass in the summer!


The boys with their first set of machines

This all started with the little go-cart in the foreground which I bought for them when they were 5 and 7 years old.  Then came the ATV (a 1987 Yamaha Warrior) when they were about 10 and 12.  They needed to learn to run a manual transmission.  Then came the first motorcycle (a 1995 Honda XR100R) when they were 11 and 13.  Finally the first snowmobile at 13 and 15.

That’s probably enough for now.

If you want to see more cool Cats the best place on the web is Boss Cat Legacy.  They have pictures and information on just about every Cat that ever existed.

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